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Our Experience

At HomeTec, we go to great lengths to provide our clients with high quality service. And that provision of exceptional client experiences and high level work starts not when we perform the actual inspection but the moment a client contacts us. It continues on through the final walkthrough and beyond. We know well that a homebuyer never knows what they’re going to encounter when purchasing Chicago real estate. For this reason, we are passionate about ensuring our clients gain full knowledge about the house that they want to buy - that’s what makes HomeTec the best home inspector Chicago can provide.

Home inspectors are required by law to maintain continuing education credits and adhere to a strict code of ethics. We take the requirements on eagerly, naturally and wholeheartedly because of our enthusiasm for the work, love of the business, and dedication to providing clients like yourself with superior service. Carmelo Rodriguez, HomeTec’s founder and Master Inspector is licensed to be a home inspector in Illinois.

It’s common for the home buying process to be a major source of anxiety and stress for soon-to-be homeowners. At HomeTec we help ease the strain of the process on our clients by listening to their concerns, answering their questions, and giving them important insights such as the differences between major and minor defects. The home inspection reports we provide are highly detailed; all items are clearly stated and supported by photos and notes, as well as an easy-to-understand summary of the findings. We are ever aiming to be the best home inspector Chicago has - and that’s a goal we’re achieving.

Our Philosophy

We look at home inspections as opportunities for home buyers. The service gives the buyer a chance to have a licensed professional perform a thorough inspection of property before the sale is final. As our client, we alert you to any issues with the home that may in the near future cause damage, bodily harm, or added expense. Doing a spectacular job proves that we care.

Find out how safe the home is, how well it really has been maintained, and what improvements, if any, must be made to get it up to code. Know how livable the home is and what experiences its new owner can expect. A comprehensive, professional home inspection can solve many problems for you before they arise - it’s one of the easiest, most effective ways to protect your investment. When you know precisely what’s wrong with the property, you get to be a more confident buyer.

Your Advantage

The more houses a home inspector inspects, the greater his awareness of potential hazards and maintenance problems becomes - each additional house he investigates only strengthens his skill. Still, the defining points of a master inspector is being on time, neatly attired, and respecting his clients, the agent, the home, and himself during the entire home inspection process.

A great inspector not only evaluates the home but reports on all aspects of it, whether good or bad. He gives a balanced, unbiased, unemotional report that is informative and easy to read. A high quality home inspector understands the buying process from every angle and has a deep appreciation for his role in it. Being a living example of these principles helps make HomeTec the home inspector Chicago property buyers are pleased to trust.

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HomeTec services the entire Chicago area. Call 773-430-3665 today to get your no-obligation consultation. Let’s collaborate on your home inspection, increasing your peace of mind.

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